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The framework

The amount of data produced every day by individuals, companies, and governments are increasing exponentially. A lot of this data are openly available and can potentially be used to assist in solving the biggest crisis the world has seen to date; climate change. By merging data from these open sources contiguously as they emerge, we aim to track and measure the impact all human activity has on our climate. 

Our framework collects data from openly available sources, from partner companies, and from willing consumers who wants to measure how their products and private life affects the sustainability of the climate, both locally and globally. By acknowledging that we need to change our behavior in order to have a sustainable and safe future, we aim to provide a service that consumers, corporations, and governments can use to assist them in reducing their climate imprint.


Our focus is to collect as much relevant data as possible in order to accurately measure our imprint, so that we can begin to address and change wasteful behavior.

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