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The world needs climate action. Human economical activities must in a larger extent be subject to both restrictions and possibilities raised by the need for sustainability. Too often, though, there is a lack of information on the real footprint of a product or service. Both businesses and consumers need this information to make informed choices in the market, and businesses need a more holistic environment to tell the story of their production in an objective way. 

Nevertheless, the opportunity for collecting, storing, analyzing and communicating large amounts of data has never been greater than now. Cloud infrastructure, progress in artificial intelligence, sensoring and the IoT, smart end-user equipment and very fast mobile communication define our present and future technological context, resulting in new opportunities for climate action.

Aimprint is founded on the idea that climate footprint of human activity can be measured and reported to a larger extent. Using knowledge-based techniques, artificial intelligence, open data sources and sensory input, it will be possible to rate, benchmark, report and compare achievement in production across business areas.

The startup is founded by people having a desire to change how the world operates, by establishing a platform for comparing climate footprint in production and consumption.  The platform should support innovation and new digital services through well-defined interfaces.

The people behind the startup have backgrounds in informatics and economics from UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

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