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About us

Aimprint was founded in 2020 by three individuals. They have different backgrounds but share a common passion. At Aimprint we aim to reduce the human imprint on the earth environment, by finding new ways to track all human environmental activity, in an effort to help  consumers and policy makers to make better and more informed choices.

Cathrine Pedersen

Cathrine Pedersen has a master’s degree in business administration and majored in economic analysis. The environment and sustainability of businesses is something she is passionate about. She thinks that with new methods and innovations businesses can have more focus on economic and environmental sustainability and reduce the environmental footprint.   

André Henriksen
CTO and founder

André Henriksen has a background in computer science and in strategic management & economics, as well as a Ph.d. in health informatics, focusing on epidemiology, public health, and computer science. He has worked as a system developer in several companies, and has several years of experience as a project management using agile methodologies, in both local and outsourced teams.

Wiggo Finnset
Chairman of the board and founder

Wiggo Finnset has a background in computer science, project management and business administration. He has extensive experience as project manager within and across larger companies such as Telenor, Helse Nord, Troms county and Norwegian Armed Forces. Developing projects both as intrapreneur and entrepreneur has given real-life experience with all phases and facets of innovation processes. As the CEO of a software company for ten years, he knows the operational demands of running a business. He prefers to work in teams and has been involved in several projects focusing on "green" solutions. He is passionate about innovation, technology, circular economy, and solutions that can make the world more sustainable.

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